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Patriot Path & Your Nexus Letter

Navigating the VA claim process can be complex, but obtaining a nexus letter doesn’t have to be. Our simplified 6-step process ensures you get the support you need for your VA claim efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re seeking a General Medicine or Mental Health nexus letter, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

1. Sign Up

Sign up by setting up a brief 30 minute call using our "Consultation" link above, or if you don't feel you need a consultation, you can directly sign up here.

2. Upload

Upload your documents, create lay statements, and provide your medical information. Use our free tools to strengthen your claim.

3. Choose

Select the type of nexus letter that best fits your claim.

  • General Medicine Nexus Letter: Physical health
  • Mental Health Nexus Letter: Tailored for claims related to mental health issues.

4. Pay

Once you're satisfied with the draft, you can proceed to payment. Our secure payment system ensures your information is protected.

5. Review

Review your nexus letter! Ensure there are no errors, and provide approval

6. Receive

If any corrections are made, you'll receive your finalized nexus letter. With this crucial piece of your VA claim ready, you can confidently submit it to the VA.

Nexus Letters Made Easy Streamlined Nexus Support Simplified Nexus Pricing No Record Review Fees!

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Sign Up

Get Access To The Portal

Upload Evidence

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Choose Your Nexus Letter


Pay For Your Nexus Letter **Payment Options Available


Review The Draft Nexus Letter & Ensure You Are Satified


Receive Your Nexus Letter and Submit To Your Claim

Patriot Path Means Value

Patriot Path Does NOT charge Record Review Fees

Patriot Path only uses MDs and PhDs

Patriot Path Supports The Veteran

Patriot Path Provides Custom Nexus Letters


The Detailed Process

Step 1
Sign Up

Users start by setting up an appointment by going to the initial consultation button. After filling out the necessary information, they’re invited to join a portal where they can sign HIPAA-compliant disclosures, ensuring their privacy and data protection. This step is crucial for a smooth, secure onboarding process.

Step 2
Upload Documents

For Step 2, you’ll need to upload documents that are vital for your claim. Here’s a structured list for clarity:

  • Essential Documents:
    • DD214
    • Photo ID
    • Decision Letters
    • Rated Disabilities
    • Medical Treatment records from the VA or Civilian Treatment
  • Optional Documents:
    • Service Treatment Records
    • C-File
    • Buddy Statements

Additionally, for toxicity claims, Patriot Path offers specialized assistance through proprietary systems to help you provide the necessary evidence efficiently.

Step 3

Choose the appropriate letter type: 
Here’s a structured outline for choosing the letter type based on condition examples:
  1. Mental Health Nexus Letter
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • PTSD
    • Insomnia (as a symptom of mental health)
  2. General Nexus Letters (Up to 5 conditions)
    • Toxicity
      • Exposure to JP4, JP8, diesel fuels, etc.
      • Linked conditions: Sleep apnea, chronic kidney disease, prostate issues, erectile dysfunction
    • Internal Medicine
      • GERD, excessive urination, kidney or renal issues, heart issues
    • Musculoskeletal Issues
      • Flat feet, arthritis of the shoulder, hip strain

Step 4

For Step 4: Payment, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs. You can use credit card, ACH, or PayPal for direct payments. Additionally, we provide flexible payment solutions through Klarna and AfterPay, making the process convenient and accessible for everyone.

Step 5

You’ll have the opportunity to review your draft nexus letter. This step allows you to request modifications, ensuring the document accurately represents your case. Please note, while changes to factual information are permitted, the medical opinions made by our doctors regarding service connection are final. We prioritize identifying and resolving any issues beforehand to ensure the highest quality submission.

Step 6

In Step 6: Receive, you’ll obtain all the evidence you’ve compiled along with additional evidence generated by our tools. You will also receive the final nexus letter in one zip file. This comprehensive package can then be taken to your VSO, lawyer, or you may submit the evidence directly to your VA claim.

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